The Nourishing Beauty of Dr Hauschka

“One of the most powerful ways to establish peace in your life and restore beauty is to live in harmony with your inner rhythms. Inside you is an internal clock whose pulsations determine when you should wake up in the morning, when you should eat, when your energy levels are peaking, and when it’s time for you to rest. These rhythms determine the ebbs and flows of your life.”

Susan West Kurz, Awakening Beauty the Dr Hauschka Way

Nothing is more personal than the choices you make in caring for yourself. Dr.Hauschka natural skin care products and holistic treatments respect the body's natural rhythms, working with these processes to restore balance and bring about lasting beauty. Your skin inherently knows what to do to look after and renew itself. Dr Hauschka products do not take over these tasks, but support your skin to be in balance with its own natural processes. Through extensive medical and pharmaceutical research, Dr.Hauschka skin care was formulated and launched in 1967 working on the understanding that beauty results from skin health.

The skin envelops the whole person. It is the barrier between the internal and external environment. It is therefore not only a physical boundary but also a line of communication from the inside to the outside and from the outside to the inside.

Lymph stimulation is at the heart of Dr Hauschka treatments. This circulatory system forms a central part of our immune system by regulating our natural defences, acting as a diuretic and cleansing and detoxifying. Carefully crafted movements during each treatment stimulates the flow of this system to harmonise the entire body.

Lifestyle, stress, diet and skincare all influence the condition of our skin. After a thorough consultation with me as your Dr Hauschka certified Esthetician you will receive a treatment that is truly personalised. Each and every treatment you receive will be tailored to address specific concerns and ensure continual improvement is achieved. Rest assured this is an experience like no other. This is not just a treatment this is a commitment to supporting you on your journey to healthier skin and a happier mind.


Recommended for every skin condition, the Classic treatment is the original Dr.Hauschka Signature Treatment, from which all others are derived. This luxurious and nourishing treatment begins with deep relaxation: a warm sage foot bath and gentle stretching movements for the neck, arms and hands. Lavender-infused compresses introduce you to a holistic facial that includes two mask treatments to nourish, nurture and renew. Soft brushes are used to stimulate lymphatic movement, the skin’s natural balancing and regenerative impulses. The result is a radiant complexion and a remarkable feeling of lightness and inner balance. This is an ideal treatment if you are seeking true relaxation and visible transformation.


120 minutes €110


All the luxury of the classic with smoothing, firming care for the eye and neck areas. A truly relaxing experience where you will leave feeling uplifted and skin strengthened.


135 minutes €125


Revitalising begins with a warm sage foot bath. Aromatherapy compresses, an herbal steam bath and purifying clay mask encourage deep cleansing. Gentle lymph stimulation promotes a renewed sense of well being and a healthy, radiant complexion. A rhythmic conditioner, nourishing mask and soothing décolleté massage complete the treatment, leaving you refreshed and revitalised.


90 minutes €95


Beginning with a warm sage foot bath and moisturising treatment for the legs, feet, arms and hands. The face is then cleansed followed by warm aromatherapy compresses. Gentle, rhythmical hand and brush strokes stimulate the movement of lymph. A nourishing mask specific to your skin condition is applied followed by a décolleté massage. Stress and tension melt away, and you leave with renewed energy and a radiant complexion.


90 minutes €95

Me Time

Whether you would like to thank yourself (and you really should!!!) a loved one or your amazing skin itself, this treatment will reward. Give back with the power of this cleansing aromatherapy facial. Gentle lymph stimulating movements promote a renewed sense of well being and a healthy, glowing complexion. Aromatherapy compresses, a rhythmic conditioner, customised mask and soothing décolleté massage complete the treatment, leaving you or your loved ones feeling refreshed and revitalised.


60 minutes €65


Reveal your radiance with this deep cleansing treatment. First, a warm sage foot bath draws energy and stress away from the head. The skin is relaxed and prepared for cleansing with warm aromatherapy compresses.

Herb-infused steam softens pores, enabling the Cleansing Clay Mask to absorb excess oil. Gentle hand and brush strokes stimulate lymph movement bringing a decongestive impulse to the skin. Your skin feels fresh, clean and radiant.


60 minutes €65


This treatment is integral to restoring a healthy, radiant complexion. Aromatherapy compresses warm the skin before cleansing. Herbal steam softens and opens pores in preparation for the deep-cleansing clay mask, which absorbs excess oil.

Blemishes and blackheads are visibly reduced. A rhythmic conditioner and appropriate day care complete this effective treatment. Your skin feels soothed, purified and radiant.


60 minutes €65

Take a Break

When you need to recharge the batteries but time is precious. This rejuvenating and restorative facial will leave you with radiant skin and a fresh outlook.


50 minutes €55

Leg Strengthening

(aka The Cellulite Buster)

An ideal treatment for those seeking to strengthen and tone the skin on the thighs and legs. Lymphatic flow is stimulated to help detoxify and improve circulation. Legs feel invigorated, refreshed and visibly toned. A course of treatments and dedicated aftercare will have you on your way to say bye bye to orange peel.

45 minutes €55 per session or €200 for a course of 4

Happy Hands

Revive and reward tired hands with gentle exfoliation, lemon lemongrass hot compresses, neem oil for dehydrated cuticles, a gentle tidy up of cuticles and nails and an aromatic hand and arm massage to finish. Your hands will look and feel truly pampered.

50 minutes €55

Fabulous Feet

A sage footbath will purify feet and make you feel grounded. Gentle but thorough exfoliation, revitalising compresses, a deeply penetrating moisture-rich mask, cuticle and nail treatment...leaving a beautiful foot and leg massage until last. You’ll leave with a spring in your step.

60 minutes €65

Luxury Mani-Pedi

Walk away feeling beautifully groomed.

90 minutes €95

Facial Workout Class

Angry, sad, happy, tired or stressed - our facial expressions reflect our thoughts and feelings. Negative expressions, in particular, are often prone to leaving undesired lines. However, just like going to the gym to strengthen our bodies, we can consciously train the muscles in our face through resistance and relaxation. Learn these targeted facial muscle exercises to stimulate and strengthen your facial muscles at home. If conducted regularly these exercises not only prevent the slackening of muscles but also reduce the appearance of existing lines and help prevent the formation of new ones. This gentle and highly effective treatment will result in more toned skin and a healthy glow.


30 minutes €35 or add to a treatment €25

Eye Revive

An intensive and delightfully refreshing stimulating treatment for the often over-strained eye area - tones and relaxes simultaneously.


15 minutes €20 or add to a treatment €15



Elegantly Aging

You are mid-way through life. Your accomplishments are impressive. You are wise and demanding - just like your skin. Instead of looking for wrinkles, you should be looking for authentic radiance. Show who you are, and how beautiful you are every day of your life. Let me help with these uplifting and restorative treatments using the high quality Dr Hauschka skincare range designed to stimulate your skin’s natural renewal process.

  1. Firming
  2. Hand and Foot
  3. Facial Workouts

Cost: €175

Saving: 20% plus a free Lavender Sandalwood Calming Body Wash

Bride to Be

A fresh complexion looks so good. It connects with the uplifting feeling and extra energy we feel on bright days. What day could be brighter than your wedding day? This bride to be package is designed to ignite and illuminate your skin so that you can present your true inner and outer beauty to friends, family and your partner to be on your special day.

  1. Classic
  2. Relaxation/Revitalising
  3. Leg Strengthening
  4. Hand and Foot

Cost: €270

Saving: 20% plus a free Lemon lemongrass shower gel

Mom to Be

The spiritual, emotional and physical bond between a mother and her child during pregnancy is a truly unique experience. In the nine months of pregnancy, a mother’s body adapts to provide for her growing child. Her skin, metabolism and entire sense of self can change during this period and needs extra special attention. Treat yourself or a loved one to this package to nurture, calm and create balance during this truly wonderful time.

  1. Relaxation/Revitalising
  2. Clarifying/Cleansing
  3. Leg strengtheing
  4. Hand and foot

Cost: €230

Saving 20% plus a free Blackthorn Body Oil

Gift Vouchers

Why not purchase a gift voucher for that special person in your life. We all need to be taken care of at times and what better way than to experience the truly nourishing and balancing benefits of a Dr Hauschka professional treatment.

Gift vouchers can be purchased over the phone for direct postage. They are beautifully packed and I will always add an extra little treat just to say thank you for choosing Nourishing Beauty.