Leg Strengthening

(aka The Cellulite Buster)

An ideal treatment for those seeking to strengthen and tone the skin on the thighs and legs. Lymphatic flow is stimulated to help detoxify and improve circulation. Legs feel invigorated, refreshed and visibly toned. A course of treatments and dedicated aftercare will have you on your way to say bye bye to orange peel.

45 minutes €55 per session or €200 for a course of 4


Happy Hands

Revive and reward tired hands with gentle exfoliation, lemon lemongrass hot compresses, neem oil for dehydrated cuticles, a gentle tidy up of cuticles and nails and an aromatic hand and arm massage to finish. Your hands will look and feel truly pampered.

50 minutes €55

Fabulous Feet

A sage footbath will purify feet and make you feel grounded. Gentle but thorough exfoliation, revitalising compresses, a deeply penetrating moisture-rich mask, cuticle and nail treatment...leaving a beautiful foot and leg massage until last. You’ll leave with a spring in your step.

60 minutes €65


Luxury Hands and Feet

Walk away feeling beautifully groomed.

90 minutes €95

Facial Workout Class

Angry, sad, happy, tired or stressed - our facial expressions reflect our thoughts and feelings. Negative expressions, in particular, are often prone to leaving undesired lines. However, just like going to the gym to strengthen our bodies, we can consciously train the muscles in our face through resistance and relaxation. Learn these targeted facial muscle exercises to stimulate and strengthen your facial muscles at home. If conducted regularly these exercises not only prevent the slackening of muscles but also reduce the appearance of existing lines and help prevent the formation of new ones. This gentle and highly effective treatment will result in more toned skin and a healthy glow.


30 minutes €35 or add to a treatment €25

Eye Revive

An intensive and delightfully refreshing stimulating treatment for the often over-strained eye area - tones and relaxes simultaneously.


15 minutes €20 or add to a treatment €15