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So my first review is a food and lifestyle book. It’s by the lovely Cameron Diaz and it’s aptly titled ‘The Body Book’. First and foremost…this is NOT a diet book. You won’t find out how to shed a stone in a day a la Peter Kay here!!! It’s a lifestyle tool…it’s packed full of everything you need to know if you are searching for a healthier way to live. It’s split into 3 parts; Nutrition, Fitness and Mind. This is why it’s so appealing to me…Cameron stresses the importance of taking everything into account, not just diet and/or exercise. What’s also great about it is that Cameron wrote this book herself (ok with some expert help!!!) and you can really get a feel for her personality throughout.

It’s dotted with anecdotes about her life and how she got to this point. Her passion for this way of living is almost tangible on each page. She lives and breathes this. She isn’t trying, like so many celebrities now, to flog a get in shape book that has the same old space fillers…she is advocating for educating yourself so that you have the tools to live a happy and healthy life consistently. It’s not a short-term fix, it’s a life-long gain. She references only evidence-based information having done a tonne of research and most importantly she lives what she recommends. If you want the ‘penny to drop’ about how to live well, you’ll really enjoy this book.

It’s written with the help of Sandra Bark, a New York Times bestselling author. For me, it’s the mix of fact and personal content about Cameron’s life that makes this book so effective. There’s also a website with loads of supportive content to make your journey more enjoyable. From recipes to exercise and beauty tips. Check it out at http://www.ourbodybook.com. You feel like you’re getting a real insight into how people like Cameron Diaz live and it makes you realise that money, status and fame really can’t buy everything. You have to work to achieve your goals.

Yes, she’s naturally a stunningly beautiful woman but as she says herself she had ‘the worst skin’. It plagued her from her teens well into her twenties and even caused issues on movie sets trying to cover blemishes over and over between scenes. She attributes this in part to her daily two bean burritos with extra cheese, extra sauce and a Coke…two…daily!!! Cameron is refreshingly honest about how her own habits led to her finding her way to cleaner living. She imparts knowledge that she’s accumulated over the last decade with humour, wit and intention. She talks about how our bodies just want to move and our minds crave connection. She is very much a realist and doesn’t recommend sprouting your own veggies, doing 400 sit-ups a day or going to a Buddhist retreat for a month to find yourself. Not that there’s anything wrong with any of that…but seriously who has the time!!!

Pick and choose what works for you in this book but trust me, you will enjoy it. January is always seen as a time for new beginnings, new bodies, kicking old habits…etc etc etc. Forget the torture…achieving your goals isn’t about deprivation it’s about abundance. An abundance of energy, of fun, of feeling alive. So hit your local library, bookstore or download a copy of ‘The Body Book’ and kick-start your new year goals 🙂

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